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 Next stop: photographyphoto

Next stop: photography


Autobus Miejskiego Przedsiębiorstwa Komunikacyjnego w Tarnowie, TARNÓW

Contrary to established conventions and schemes, the creators decided to showcase their work in a slightly different public space to that which viewers are involuntarily accustomed. Thanks to the courtesy and commitment of Board of Tarnów's MPK, passengers on bus number 249 will have the opportunity to take a look at photographs created by authors affiliated under the banner of the Fotum Wojnicki Photographic Society.

An evening of extreme sports  photo

An evening of extreme sports

Start: 30.05.2015, 19:00

Dworzec Tatrzański, ul. Krupówki 12

An evening of extreme sports is an encounter with photography, film, and people who work with this every day. We will try to bring viewers closer to the specific world of extreme sports

Black sands islandvideo

Black sands island

Start: 20:00

Klub Herbaciany Nie lubię poniedziałków , ul. Szlak 14
TUE-SUN: 12:45-23:00