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Next stop: photography


Autobus Miejskiego Przedsiębiorstwa Komunikacyjnego w Tarnowie, TARNÓW

Contrary to established conventions and schemes, the creators decided to showcase their work in a slightly different public space to that which viewers are involuntarily accustomed. Thanks to the courtesy and commitment of Board of Tarnów's MPK, passengers on bus number 249 will have the opportunity to take a look at photographs created by authors affiliated under the banner of the Fotum Wojnicki Photographic Society.

Photographic makeup course II

Start: 25.05.2015, 16:00

Face Art Make-Up School, ul. J.Sarego 28/10

The photographic make-up course is aimed at people who want to expand their skills by performing professional makeup for beauty and fashion photography, with particular emphasis on the impact of photographic light on the reception of the makeup.



Start: 20:00

Studio Vintage, ul. Przewóz 2

Multimedia show on the big screen of photos by Magdalena Świtek – photographer mainly dealing with personal documents, a member of the photographic collective "Atonal". No less important than the photos will be the music prepared by the arranger, composer and trumpeter – Przemek Sokół. The music will be played live and the artist will be accompanied by a small group.